Do you smile at a guy you want to talk to?

If you smile at a guy from across a room or from a long distance when you see him looking at you are you telling him to come over and talk to you because you're interested?

Not a smile when walking past each other, but rather if you catch each others eyes from a distance and you smile at him, is that a sign that he should get his butt over there and talk to you? Or do you smile at everyone you catch looking at you


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  • If a guy catches my gaze and he is cute I smile at him:-) it would be awesome if he came to talk to me! The fact that he would be courageous enough to approach me would be a huge plus:)

  • If I make repeated eye contact with a guy across the room and smirk and/or bite my lip at him... He better be hauling ass to come talk to me. Hahah but really. It's all in the body language.

    I love when a guy has the balls to come talk to me.


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