Why girls are responding this way to me?

I don't think I come across as creepy but maybe I do. Older women (26+) seem to flirt with me frequently at work so I feel like I'm handsome. And I catch girls looking at me in class too, not bragging, just needed information. But, when I talk to a girl I am somewhat interested in, I'll be friendly and nice and avoid being creepy to them, they will laugh and we have a good conversation, but when I see them after that they barely look at me and won't speak to me anymore. I know I am desirable to women, I've been with some in the past, but why are these girls (two in particular) acting this way to me and making me feel like such a creep?


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  • If you're in college, that might be part of the problem. Speaking from my experience as a recent grad from a large private university in a major city (might be different in smaller schools), there's a lot of pressure on girls to be in constant "hook-up" mode. They might not even actively be turning you down - it's just that the past couple of months/years has f***ed up their radar so badly that they can't tell when a guy's interested if he's not trying to grind his d*** through their minidresses.

    That's not to say they're not open to relationships. Just make it very clear that you're interested, ask them out for coffee, or something, and see where it leads! :)


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  • It could be that when you talked to them, you said something that put them off. Hard to say what actually happened, but it's a definite possibility! I know that many women (myself included) will opt for politeness and put on a smiling face even towards people who they think are being rude or offensive.


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  • Girls our age group are screwed up in the head.

    I got the same problem. Women over 25 love me and women 15-17 stalk me. But women my age 18-24 ( I'm 21 ) are just weird.