It seems that guys are more bothered by makeup than hair color?

a lot of guys claim to not like makeup but it seems that many guys don't seem to mind hair color/dye.

i even heard guys say they don't care if she dyes her hair as long as she doesn't look like she is wearing too much makeup.

but I would think hair color is more artificial?

what do you think?

with that in mind..i have hair that is a light brownish dirty blond mix and when I was a child I was a golden blond, pure blond. I also have light eyes and skin. I want to get some blond highlights that will give an overall blond look but not as harsh as a full process color. what do you think?


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  • Yes I would agree with your initial wife dyes her pretty brown hair black and I would prefer natural...but she seldom wears any makeup other than mascara and eyebrow pencil (pink lipstick and blush on special occasions) ..yes..I would much prefer her to dye her hair rather than trowel on the makeup..I am actually more tolerant than I sometimes come across on GAG...but I really do hate face/cheek crap like concealer, blush and especially foundation & bronzer...yuck...):

  • coming frome a guy I tell my girlfriend the same thing all the time hair is changeabel but I like it when girls don't ware makeup because you shuldnt change your apearnce 4 eneyone


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