Is it weird to be uncomfortable about older guys?

The only guys I've ever liked or dated have been my age and they've all looked younger like I do. People tell me often that I look like I could be 15 even though I'm almost 20. Because of this, I'm uncomfortable with guys who are older than me being attracted to me.

When a guy who's older than me is interested in me, I'm uncomfortable with that. I've been told that I'm pretty, but that doesn't make up for the whole looking 15 thing.

I was asked out by a 26 year old guy and felt really creeped out. Just a few days ago a guy who's a year older was hitting on me and I just felt weird about it. Is just seems like if other people have said I look younger than I am, that these guys would think so too.

Am I overthinking it? Do I maybe not look as young as people tell me I do and I just don't realize it?


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  • Easiest answer is stop worrying about how things look. It means you won't pay as much attention to the person themself and you could miss out on something great.


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