Could someone tell me why did she block me or do I still have a chance with her?

hey I'm a medical student, two years ago I have noticed a girl that I liked for some reason right away, she was younger than me by 2 years, I was at 3rd stage meaning she was at 1st. I start looking at her and trying to get her attention for the last two years, I have noticed that she is looking at me back, I didn't talk to her till now I was too shy and she was too, I start to look for some reason to talk to her but all my schemes was in vain, last year I tried to look her in Facebook, I couldn't add her because I was afraid of rejection as she don't really know me in the real life so I made the first strike and poked her, anyhow, I didn't noticed any change in the looks or attitude, by the way she didn't poke me back!. next year I was determent to know her and I added her as a friend (fatal strike 2), tow days later I have noticed that I have been blocked! I was very devastated, after that I couldn't look at her again, the problem is I still dream about this girl so what should I do, and could someone tell me why did she block me or do I still have a chance with her ?

girls I need you opinion !


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  • She's just not into you... if she blocked you then you should probably take that as a hint that she doesn't like you like that...

    • Apart of her being not interrested in me, could I just freaked her out by my add request or just used the wrong mean to get to know her?

    • I don't think she freaked out by a Facebook friend request, maybe the poke though? Next time you like a girl, try to talk to her in real life instead of just some eyecontact and then the whole Facebook thing...

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  • Looks like she's plainly not interested in you. Move on.

  • You don't need a females opinion to know that she is NOT interested in you. There is a 0% chance that she likes you and she blocked you because she does not like you and you freak her out.