80's styled shirts wanted

I'm in love with the 80's shirts, the ones that are oversized with prints on them, like band or people. do you know any good sites that sells shirts like that


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  • link

    I get monthly catalogs for this, they have a nice selection.

    • uhhh I totally forgot about alloy, thanks for reminding me :)

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    • They're quite pricey to me lol but then again I shop for inexpensive clothing and to some people that might mean 'very' inexpensive lol, glad I could help though. :)

    • yea they are alittle pricey and you helped alot

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  • amazon.com is good for random shirts


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  • i know pac sun has some. Also forever 21 and their sister stores like hertiage if you have one of those there.

  • I think Forever 21 has cute, oversized shirts and sweaters. I was obsessed with them for a while lol. You can also try Wet Seal and Urban Outfitters.

    • yea I love forever 21 as well and wet seal are OK but still not exactly what I'm looking for I'm gonna check out urban outfitters cause I haven't checked out their site in a couple years, thanks for answering :)

    • You're welcome C: And I'd also recommend checking out Charlotte Russe.

    • i will deffently do that :)