I think my girlfriend is devoloping an eating disorder

She has always been very athletic but it never really was about looking good. That has changed drastically over the past year.

It started with her saying she wanted to look like miley cryrus. I didn't think much of it there is nothing wrong with having a role model but if googled miley cyrus recently you'll find she's stick skinny.

I never thought my girlfriend would go there but she has lost 20 lbs over the last year and is not 100lbs at 5'6. That#s obviously not enough.

I guess she would even eat enough but she is also working out like a maniac. Like we went hiking and rock climbing the other day. So full day of activity. She had 2 egg whites with tomatoes for breakfast, a protein shake for lunch and some chicken with veggies for dinner.

I try to encourage her to eat more and workout less but she doesn't listen. I once told her that I found her more attractive when she was heavier but she was really hurt then and that made me feel bad. I don't know what to do here?


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  • Hm, tricky situation. You could inform her parents to keep an eye on her eating behavior and ask some of her friends if they noticed something. If she's not aware she's having an eating disorder, it's a hard thing to do. When family and friends know, they can help so then you're not alone. Ask her out for dinner sometimes and keep an eye on what she eats. If she's starting to give excuses (like: I already ate), too bad, she has to eat. But you can't force her either. So you could sit down and talk about it, that you're worried about her health and that isn't not healthy, it doesn't look healthy and it could give serious consequences for the future if she doesn't start eating properly and enough.

    So if you informed her family and friends (not in a gossip way but more because you're concerned about your girlfriend and they could help, but make sure they don't tell her that you told them) and you talked to her about it, you're keeping an eye on her and it's not helping? Go to a doctor, with or without her, try to get information about her height, weight, eating habits and talk to a doctor about them. If she wants to come, that's great! If she doesn't, just get enough information and ask your doctor what you could do to help her.

    • well her family lives fairly far away so she barley sees them. The two of us live together so I would probably have the best overview of her eating habits. I already know her weight and what she eats she has like a journal where she keeps track of calories, weight and workouts. On a typical day she eats 1000 - 1200 cal and works out 3 - 4 hours a day

    • Yeah, I feel she's on her way to an eating disorder. Try to copy some of her diary (I know, shameful) and take it to a doctor to discuss possibilities on how to handle this.

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