Is this joke inappropriate?

In a VERY jokingly manner, while me and my new crush were looking at some records and after he asked me what kind of music I liked, I repeated the question but adding ''appart from me''. Again note that it was a joke, I wasn't really thinking when I said it and after I said I was like ''stupid, stupid stupid stupid'' in my head :D

He answered with a little awkward ''I didn't say I like you''

and then I felt like a moron and moved away a little and kept staring at the records...

Did I leave a bad impression there? :D I know it's nothing serious I"m not looking that deep into it, but I really like this guy, and mean in my head what I said sounds so stupid, and such a deal breaker. I swear my self confidence is not that high :D

Guys, honest opinions :)


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  • lol. I'm sure he took it as you were saying you like him and want to know where he stands. Since you were teasing him, he was teasing you right back leaving you in doubt... Aren't power games fun. =P

    • :D But I don't like playing that sort of games :D Or at least it's not really my style, but if he wants to play I"m more than happy to participate as long as I get him in the end (blush) :D I just wish my brain wouldn't switch off when I see him :D but thank's you're giving me hope here :)

    • You started it! =P You tried to play it like he likes you, and you have the upper hand, he smacked you with doubt to recover the upper hand. It's so stupid, but that's what is happening... =P

    • I didn't try to play it that way I"m telling you :d it's just my sense of humour. but that upper hand stuff :D you do not wanna play with me, I get super competitive when challenged :D although I like the way you think :)

  • that is just talk. don't be self conscious. and don't put words in peoples mouths.

    • I"m not putting words in peoples mouths... it is just talk, I got worried it would leave a bad impression

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