Am I to blame for her sadness?

Last year we were at a different school this year we are at the same school one more time (just next to our former school). This girl was showing interest daily even when I didn't give too much attention back. So I thought I was over with her over the summer. I did like her but not anymore and don't want to see her at all. I completly ignored 24/7, seemed like it never worked until recently where her behavior changed.

At the start of the year, she was giving me attention but it seems these last weeks she seems very upset in class (she has no energy, looks like she is gonna cry, always sleeping) I hope I am not the responsible for this. Somebody called her she looked in my direction it was me but it was the opposite side. The only thing I wanted her to do was to move on, should I feel concerned? I am 19


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  • I don't think you're the (only) reason for her sadness. Maybe something else is going on at home or with her friends or maybe she even has a boyfriend who broke up with her, ...

    If you're still friends, ask what's the cause for her sadness. If you're not friends, ask around if someone knows why she's so upset lately.


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