What would you think if your boyfriend/girlfriend underwent a major style transformation?

For instance, in my case, I tend to wear a lot of jeans and t-shirts and generally keep it casual. But lately I've been thinking of giving myself a style makeover, which would include wearing more heels, dresses, and skirts. I already wear a bit of makeup on a weekly basis, but I was thinking of stepping it up a small notch and getting a bit out of my comfort-zone with my hair styles.

If your s/o changed their style suddenly (for better or worse, lol), how would you feel? Would you be OK with it? Could you learn to love it or accept it if you didn't like right off the bat? :)


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  • So long as her attitude/personality doesn't change with it. If you're just trying to take better care of yourself, maybe look a little more professional for your work or whatever is happening to trigger the change that's fine. If you're all the sudden switching your attitude like I'm done with being a little girl, I'm a women and try to "act" all serious and mature to fit your new persona, then it might kill that easy going down to earth type thing that might of attracted the guy to begin with.


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