When girls are with their boyfriends, why do they sometimes look at other guys?

i have noticed that some girls with boyfriends keep on looking at other guys. are they not happy with their boyfriends?


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  • Yea, I think it is Because they aren't happy with/satisfied in their current relationship or they don't have enough feelings for their current boyfriend.

    I mean if a girl is happy with her relation then she won't look at other guys, she won't have the time to look at other guys.

    • I wonder why you ask this since you are a guy!

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    • Lol at bad sport!

      You think I'm basketball or something?

    • Please learn the meaning of the word, "sport" you ignoramus, look up Google.

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  • The same reason why guys look at girls (mostly)

    Women generally look at other men (even women) for various reasons

    1. They find them appealing

    2. Something that the other person has worn has caught their eye

    3. They like their style

    4. They resemble someone they (the girl) know

    5. And like generally men, they think sexually about that person (rare but not scarce)


  • They can look because the guys won't do anything if they catch her looking since she's with the bf! Otherwise, girls don't want to get caught looking since guys will sometimes hit on them nonstop.

    They are taking advantage of the 'safe' status of being with a guy!