What kind of answer was he looking for?

Strange encounter with a guy in one of my classes. We were waiting for class to start and when I sat down I said hi, like usual. He asked me how I was, and I said good. Then he said, "No, like, besides classes, how are you?" I just kind of said good again, but that clearly wasn't the response he was looking for. Any idea what I was supposed to say?


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  • He probably found it to be a generic answer and was looking for more depth


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  • He wanted to know what was going on in your life

    Talk about friends, other classes etc

    Anything but good, at least he could ask why with bad


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  • I agree with the guys. He wanted to talk to YOU not just same old classmate. He was flirting in a very casual not so obvious way. LOL I say if your interested try to playfully start up a conversation, next time around...