Would it bother you if your girlfriend looked like a hot mess all the time?

i was asked this as a hypothetical question (I'm a heterosexual female) by a close friend. it made me think. do girl's who constantly look like a hot mess every day take into consideration the feelings of their boyfriends? do they care at all?

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  • Well if a guy truly loves a girl he won't care but deep down he wouldn't mind if she dressed up a little. Perfect example is What Not To Wear. Those women are usually a "Hot Mess" and if you ever noticed their partners always have the happiest looks on their face after the transformation. I'm not saying a women must ALWAYS look top notch, but when you don't try and make an effort it doesn't look good. Many women who have a difficult time finding the right clothes and this usually leads to laziness or giving up. Putting a little bit of effort is always needed. It tells people a lot about you. I mean how would you feel if your man never dressed up for anything and was always in sweats. It's not very presentable and no matter how much you love them it does get to you a little.

    A little bit of Effort is important.


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  • I don't understand the concept of "hot mess".

    • unkempt, not put together. tragic. not pleasing to the eyes.

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    • Well technically, if their boyfriend is still their boyfriend after an extended period of time, then I guess they don't mind as much, thus there isn't much to "care" about. :D

      However, personally, I'd say there's probably a reason behind it, but it would make me bring up the question after a while, as in "soooo what's up", just to make sure. (but mostly because of dirt stains, really - that doesn't happen under normal circumstances :P)

    • haha you're a good guy :)

  • Sounds like that's what HE prefers her to look like. I question why he would like that but that's what it sounds like it is

    • this was a hypothetical question.

      i don't know whay any self respecting guy would be fine with his significant other looking a hot mess. because you're significant other is a reflection of you and your morals.

    • That's why I said I question why he would like such a thing. It's his prerogative

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  • lmfao @ your definition of hot mess!

    Most guys wouldn't like it especially when they bring her around their friends and she looks bad

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