Where are the guys looking for a big girl?

I am big and beautiful. I am curvaceous and sexy and completely comfortable with myself.

Where are the guys that appreciate this?

I'm not fat, I'm built like January Jones from Mad Men.
Most of the guys I know prefer Paris Hilton size girls so to them I am considered big, that's their term
Just kidding I thought January Jones was the wrong name, that's the one they prefer I apparently look like Christina Hendricks. I don't watch the show they told me the names while we were all watching Mad Men so no I don't look like the blond. If I did k would def not call myself big. I'm like the redhead. Oops :)


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  • Big as in fat?

    • She's not big.

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    • Then me. I think Hendricks is one of the sexiest stolen out there right now. The problem is finding a bigger woman who doesn't mind being with a toned, skinnier guy than her.

    • Women*

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  • Guys like curves

    Guys like confidence

    Guys like girls that are comfortable with themselves

    So there are plenty of guys who would like that in a girl, but like any other person in the world it's about meeting the right people at the right time

    But January Jones is not big at all...

  • I had to look up who January Jones is because I don't watch Mad Men. If that's actually her, she's not "big" at all. Where are you getting this "big" from?

    • Well, are the guys of GAG, the men that you KNOW?. No, we're the guys of GAG, we don't think like the guys you KNOW

  • They are rare, but they do exist.


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  • If you're not fat, don't call yourself big lol. Your not big just because you aren't a size 2.