I'm looking to start smoking dohka?

Recently I switched to rolling tobacco and I think my next move is dohka. What are some better sites to order dohka from?


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  • It won't satisfy.

    • I'm sorry.. I didn't mean to be rude or to put you down.. But.. you deserve better in this life.

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    • alright dear. you reminded me of my cousin & it makes me sad because he is very addicted to stuff like that. & I'm sorry if I offended you. I felt for you.. that's all.

    • i wasn't offended. I'm just looking to you for a legitimate argument as to your reasoning

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  • I could get you a crapload of websites for Nicotania Rustica, Nicotania Glauca, etc. etc. But I know nothing about dohka. All of that stuff is impossible to get here, anyhow. My lover bought me some important Indian Tobacco once and she had to ship it in from America, this was during spring and it still hasn't arrived. This place isn't the place for hep tobaccos. But uh... America you have access to all of them, really. MOST websites are trustworthy, despite what your gut tells you. Just google it, click on the first link and look for a Paypal symbol. It'll be alright.

    You can probably get it on eBay, I get all my Lotus on eBay. Are you aware of the immense difference between uncured tobacco and regular brand tobacco, though? I mean I don't wanna insult your intelligence but - nicotine isn't actually a stimulant, despite what you're told in school. It's a delliriant. Like Nightshade or Datura. You just don't hallucinate at low doses. I know, the Native American tobaccos are very popular in Vietnam, and they sell them as 'caps' which you put in a bamboo pipe and light, suck in the smoke until it's all ash and then inhale, and it blasts you right back. It's conventional to lean your head right back when doing it, over there, and most of the time you fall on your ass and don't know where the hell you are. A great little kick, but, it's very different from tobacco.