Is this okay? Give me your opinion.

My 13 year old brother (that is almost 14) has a crush on a 15 year old (that's almost 16) and she likes him too, I've seen them together and they look happy. But is that okay if the want to be together? Or is it to weird? I know its not really my business but I just want to know what you all think bout it.

BTW my brother doesn't act 13 he acts like 16 year old ha ha oh and she looks like she's 13 and he looks 16-17 if that helps.

Thanks :)

Thank you so much everyone, you guys have definitely changed my opinion <3
They are boyfriend and girlfriend and seem to be really happy :)


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  • 2 years isn't a big deal if you like each other..


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  • When I was 13 I was soliciting older women for handjobs in public bathrooms and smoking highly potent synthetic cannabinoid chemicals, and had begun to try and get involved in Radical Socialism and bomb construction. My first psuedo-boyfriend tried to kill me every week or two through elaborately planned sword-based booby traps. And none of that is even particularly uncommon. Young adolescents have opportunities like you wouldn't believe. Your brother wishing to court a nice girl, who you approve of, shouldn't upset you in the slightest. In fact, you should be thankful. Don't be worried. Take her under your wing, treat her like a little sister, or something. That's what my family do.

  • Age doesn't come into the equation where emotions are concerned...only where the law is concerned!.

    If he is old enough to know his own mind...I don't like garlic, beer and blond girls but I do like cheese, Pepsi and brunettes with a cute ass then he sure as hell is able to decide if he wants to be with this girl.

    Odds are it won't last, tastes change, needs change, sexuality changes. All you can do is be aware of the fact and be there for him if and when it goes pear shaped!. It's probably infatuation or most likely LUST on his part, and for her to like a 13 year old lad she has either been hanging around with some real jerks or he has an old head on his shoulders, which is what has given him the attraction she has.

    The most serious part of this however is the fact that if he is under the age of 16, in the UK at least ... if they were to have any kind of sexual contact, SHE would be liable to prosecution. Even if he gives consent (Like he isn't gonna give that! lol) he is not LEGALLY able to consent to it.

    So they need to be VERY careful

    • He doesn't need to be careful, as long as he doesn't press charges. Unless he's severely schizophrenic, he wouldn't do that, unless she legitimately did something to him. So, he can be real reckless, actually. She's gotta be careful, hahaha

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    • nawww :(

    • Still not really sure what ElijahCynicism is jibbering on about?... I was just quoting FACT that any person under the age of 16 is classed as a juvenile in the UK and as is LEGALLY unable to give permission to have sex with another. If SHE is 16 she is classed as LEGALLY compatent and able to give concent to have sex. THAT being the case if they had sexeven though he wanted to he is not LEGALLY able to give concent and her being classed as compatent SHE would be liable to procecution.

  • just let them be it is puppy love


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