He is always staring at me but he has a girlfriend?

I have him in 2 of my classes. Sophs in high school. I know he has a girlfriend but does not go to our school and I always see him stare at me from the corner of my eye. And when we do make contact he tries and holds it but I look away because he's kinda cute but I'm not very attracted to him. I don't wanna be a b***h and say stop looking or something but it just ticks me off when I see this crap. As to I have absolutely no idea what's going on and this always seems to happen to me. Regardless when we have talked, short little convos about school, he gets all quiet and I know that he is not like that with his friends. I just want to know why he keeps staring at me if all he ever talks about is how much he an his girlfriend love each other blah blah blah.


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  • Could be he finds you cute and is just checking you out.


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