What is causing this?

There is this who is in a class across from mine. The first time we saw each other I just looked because I do have eyes and all. Well he looked at the same time, then he turned and looked back at me fast and kinda held a 3 second stare and looked away all weird. Well he did it again another time.

Sometimes he looks but looks away and today it was only us in the hall and we looked at each other but I turned before he could and we did it again. I got up and he put his stuff in his class and went to the restroom, which he hasn't done whenever were in the hall and he looked at me while passing me by and looked away then he ends up walking out of the restroom and I was looking around and I saw him and he looked at me and right when that happened he faced like completely opposite from me while walking.

Why is this happening?


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  • He is into you. Say him "hey. What's up?" if you like him.

    • Then why did he give me the weirdest look the first couple of times? I have never had a guy do that before lol usually they smile but I figured maybe it was like "what the heck are you looking at" look

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