Why would he glare or look at me?

We are in college and I was sitting outside my class and I was looking around and this guy walked in front of me and of course I looked. Well he looked sideways and glanced at me but when he looked away he turned back to me really fast and I guess he glared at me because he kinda scrunched his eyebrows and made his eyes smaller and kinda like moved his head a bit backer. I don't know why he did that but another day he did it again.

I just didn't bother looking towards where he was at again. Although, today it was only us sitting in the hall and as I sat down he looked up at me and I looked at him the same time but I looked away and then it happened again and I looked away again. He got up waiting for the time to pass and we caught eyes again, but I got up as well and walked down the hall to see if I saw my friend coming and I think he was looking because when I turned around he looked away.

When his class was about to start he put his back pack away and went to the restroom. Which he never did that before since I could remember. He looked at me when he passed me by but I pretended to be on my phone and when he passed me by again he looked at me and I looked at him as well and looked away. As I looked back at him he was already turning his head the opposite way of me and kept walking to his class.

What is the deal with this weird thing going on?


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  • It's not weird. You caught his attention and looking is really free nowadays. He obviously digs you so you should expect a contact soon, if he's able to make it.

    • So he didn't dislike me if he looked at me weird the first time?

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