How to get the girl while being a little overweight?

So first I'm a little overweight. Mostly noticeable in my neck and a little gut, but luckily my body build makes me look built. Dress pretty well have a successful job as a chef and musician. I'm pretty good with women, but once in awhile ill run into a girl who wants a more physical appearance. I'm workin off the fats slowly but surely. So anyone have some good tips in the mean time getting the girl while a bit overweight?


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  • For me, body type is very low down on the list of things that attract me to a man. I can imagine a lot of people feel the same way. Don't go for someone how would turn you down because of your body, they naturally are changing shape and size all the time, so what you look like right now won't be how you look forever and if that's all someone is after, it may not be a very long relationship.


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  • be funny man I know many guys who are overweight but are funny and smart so they get all the girls