Acne/facial scars?

can anyone recommend products that deal with this? I've seen commercials for 'bio oil' and 'vichy' and a million more. I'm not sure what to use - any tips would help!


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  • Still working out on how to get rid of acne scars. As for acne itself, the previous answerers have pretty good suggestions. I was want to add that when looking for a scrub to exfoliate, make sure it contains salicylic acid.

    You should also you a cleanser that contains benzoyl peroxide. This not only removes the dirt that clogs your pores, but the benzoyl peroxide kills acne causing bacteria.

    When looking for a moisturizer, look for one that says noncomedonic and contains SPF. Noncomedonic means that it is oil free and will not cause acne. SPF, obviously, protects your skin from sun damage. You may also want to look for one that contains Vitamin E, which fades scars.

    As for specific brands, everyone is different. One brand that works for someone may not work for the next person. Perfect example: Proactiv. Some people swear by it, while others hate it. Generally, just look for salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide for exfoliation and cleansers. Look for noncomedonic, SPF, and vitamin e when looking at moisturizers, make up, etc.


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  • 2 things you mainly need to do..

    1.) Exfoliate. This removes the top layer of the skin, with all the dead skin cells and bacteria that clog up your pores. There are many gels you can buy in your local pharmacy that exfoliate, you can even buy exfoliating washes that come with the beads in them to scrub your face clean.

    2.) Moisturize. It's extremely important to keep the skin moisturized so it can heal better without scarring. You cannot let your skin overdry or your condition will worsen. There's many lotions that are special for moisturizing the face (also in your local pharmacy). It's important to ALWAYS moisturize after you wash your face.

    I used Murad Acne Complex kit to heal my acne because it comes with everything, a wash, exfoliater, a pimple gel, AND a moisturizer all in one for only $35... it worked great for me. I saw results within a month..

  • Most acne products only work in theory. Some things that do work:

    Oral antibiotics (did the trick for me)

    Topical antibiotics

    Accutane (when everything else fails, this WILL work)

    Birthcontrol pills (makes it better but in some cases worse)

    Creams with benzoyl peroxide.

    Zinc and zinc paste

    You can also do the 'aspirin mask' . It's salycylic acids which is greeaaat for your skin. Like BHA!

    And as for moisturizer, it's not as important as cosmetics salespeople claim. But it should contain antioxidants, cell communicating ingredients anti-irritants etc.

  • for acne something that worked awesome for me were things that you can find at your local drug store, oxy works awesome, get the cleanser and use the pads after.

    for mosturizing, clean and clear acne treatment cream works great for mosturizing and it clears up your face at the same time

    but remember for mosturization your skin takes in mosture best at night, so if its a one a day mostuizer that you have, don't use it in the morning, use it right before you go to bed.

  • I can tell you that Bio Oil really does help to reduce the appearances of scars and stretchmarks.

  • contractubex. ;) it will peel the dead skin cell.

  • any face cream with alpha hydroxy in it