Is this guy using me as eye candy, why did he stop?

This guy turns around to stare at me behind my back when I caught him he looked down a second later and looked back up, and literally watched me walk away. In the hallways him and his friends stare, and sometimes have a puzzled/confused look on their face? Then finally after months of him staring at me everyday he whistled at me, then his friend got pissed at him? Now he avoids me in the hallways, but he still points me out? What is this?


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  • First off, you're not really being used as eye candy. Chances are, if a guy is looking at you, he likes you but is too shy to approach you. Is he a shy guy?

    • Yeah really shy

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    • Turns out that guy likes me when I asked thanks :)

    • No problem :o)

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  • Sometimes guys do that when they have a girl they are trying to make jealous. Was his friend a girl or a guy?