Two guys over the same girl?

Hi GaG members,

Looking for a bit of perspective on my situation.

There's this girl that I like, we have been out together on group hangouts, and we have had one real date (which went pretty OK ). However I haven't tried to make it serious yet, (have not had the opportunity yet).

Just a few days ago we were both at a birthday dinner and another guy there was showing particular interest in her, yesterday my friend told me they often stay up late talking (till 3am).

I do genuinely like this girl a lot, but she seems more enthusiastic about the other guy, he's better looking\ has better job etc.

Should I still pursue her i.e. take her out again and confess my feelings towards her?

If it doesn't work out I think I would just end up hurt and make things awkward between us.,

Thanks in advance~


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  • She went on a date with you right? She is likely open to you. She may enjoy talking to this guy but the guy isn't stepping up, right? So it doesn't mean anything. Also, what someone says doesn't mean it's true. She may have stayed up late and talked to this guy once. Maybe they talked about her crush on another guy and he's a confidant. Just saying. In the past, there are many great guys that would let me talk about other guys for hours. One was a successful entertainment agent with his own business. Used to be an actor so he was good looking but I liked one of his best friends.

    I say talk to her. Girls are pretty receptive to a guy's interest even when they aren't immediately. It will allow you to move on if you have to and allow her to make a more concrete decision. Hurt is a part of love. You have to take the chance. If it stings, you still do that with the next person until you find the right one. Success, after all, comes when you are willing to fail.

    Also, just because you think a guy is better looking and has a better job doesn't mean that she thinks that too or cares about either of those. Everyone's taste is different.


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  • Don't feel intimidated by the other guy. You have some qualities he doesn't and vice versa. Don't compare yourself to someone else because you and the other person are totally different.

    Maybe she thinks you don't have interest in her anymore since you never pursued it. You always have the opportunity to make it serious. My point is: if you really like someone, you should go for it and not make excuses why you shouldn't.

    Just don't give up yet and ask her out for a second date. If she bluntly says "no", then you know you shouldn't pursue it. If she says maybe, you tell her she should let you know when she's available. If she says yes, well, that's great then!

    You always have the risk of getting rejected or that things don't work out and things get awkward, but that's a risk you gotta take or you should just stop dating forever.

  • Don't confess your feelings yet, but do ask her out and see how things develop.


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  • The women hit it spot on.

    The guy's pursuing her. And in the end, that's what it comes down to.

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