What do guys look for in a girl?

What do you like most about girls?


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  • Personally, I look for a woman who's funny, self-assured, intelligent, gentle, kind, wearing her panties as a party hat, constantly naked, relentless in begging for more sex, fond of latex, and sleeps very little. In short, the same thing most men look for.


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  • Their face. If they got a sweet face then I'll slowly start to find other attractive aspects about them. Yeah, I'm that shallow.

  • I don't know. I don't "look for" anything, really. Like, if I fall for a girl, I fall for them as a whole, not for their individual parts. I guess the overlying similarities among the girls that I've liked are intelligence, nerdiness, awkwardness, and kindness. Physically, they're all pretty different.

    • Haha awe, you sound really sweet, lol, I've never met a guy who like nerdy girls, and ackwardness, lol

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