Why some guys act clumsy when a girl is looking at them?

...and kind of try to avoid looking at her back?

Why is that?


For example: this time I looked at this guy that I find really cute because he was looking at me first. when I did looked he made this strange expression in his face, he moved his mouth (maybe he was bitting his lips with his mouth closed, idk... I was far from him) and then looked at his left side.

he was uncomfortable because he doesn't like me?


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  • He was uncomfortable because he likes you and was embarassed that he got caught looking at you. Like yopyopyop said, it's a natural reflex of shyness.


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  • They feel under pressure. They're being observed and it makes them tense up.

  • I wish I knew because I'm guilty of it too. I think it's either because I think she's pretty, but don't want to give the impression that I'm staring. It's the strangest thing because it doesn't always happen, but when it does it sucks getting caught.

  • It's a reflex of shyness. Totally me.

    • @ Update : No, it has nothing to do with it. It's like he was caught doing something he thought was questionable, so he looked away. It has something to do with being shy, and with being proud. Like, you have a look at someone, and when you see they look back at you, you want to avoid the disdain and so you turn your head to the opposite direction.

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    • We've all been through this. Overcome your bad memories, I'm just telling you to talk about the weather to him, not to propose him ;)

    • hahaha you're right!

      If some opportunity comes up, I will talk with him.

      Thanks. :D

  • Maybe they don't get that much attention from girls so its unusual

    • And what if the guy have friendship with girls?

    • Maybe he gets nervous when an attractive girl looks at him or maybe he just doesn't like being looked at in general

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  • You know why some guys act like that.

    They get insecure and nervous around attractive/girls/guys they like.

    • this guy I like act this way.

      hope he does like me too!

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