Guys, what do you look for in a girl?

As the title says. Guys, what do you look for in a girl you'd like to date long term? I'm looking for personality traits, not physical appearance.

I know that everyone looks for something different and I'm not trying to change myself, I'm just curious to know. I can imagine I'll have as many different answers as there are responders!


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  • A woman with loyalty to God and family. A woman with a purpose and self confident. A woman who is single and does not need a man. A woman.

    I hate sexy women.

  • 1. Communication - Says what she's thinking.

    2. Reliability - Does what she says she's going to do.

    3. Intelligence - Self explanatory.

    4. Motivation - Has a plan for the future.

    5. Cute - Works out, eats well, cares about appearance.

  • A woman who is loyal, respectful, kind, caring, sweet, have goals, intelligent.

  • I like the cutesy, innocent types for looks and personality. She can't be promiscuous, and I hope that she faithful, loyal type as well. I'd like a girl that will actually stick around in the good times and bad.


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