Do I have big thighs?

would you consider my thighs thick? because I've heard that most guys like thick girls. and I loveeee black guys. I'm just really attracted to them.. so how would you rate my body? fat , chubby, curvy , thick ?

thanks for all the answers.

i changed my display picture

so I guess you can't answer this anymore.


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  • you asked about this earlier

    yes, you have big thighs, but they suit your body, which is beautiful


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  • Yeah, you do have big thighs. But from the looks of it, they're "big", not "chubby", which makes all the difference. Having big thighs is fine, especially if they fit your body type (and they do, as ivarei pointed out). Having chubby thighs is more unattractive, because they look bad on their own, regardless of your body type. So no worries, you're fine.


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