LA, NY, Chicago ladies at 30-32 what do you look for in a guy?

Girls from NY, LA or Chicago, what do you look for in a guy when you are 30-32? What qualities or personality traits, looks,...

What age range would you date?

Thanks in advance for any responses.


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  • (*Grinning.) Why specifically that two-year span?

    Personally, I was already in a very long-term relationship at those ages and I was more focused on getting my professional life in gear. I wanted someone who would support my endeavors (emotionally and physically more than financially). It's something I didn't have with the guy I was with. He was the same age as me (a few months older) and I liked that because we had SO MANY common (campy) references.

    Before that age (roughly 18-24), I wanted a guy who wouldn't be too shy -- I was shy and trying to come out of my shell. I wanted a guy who understood who he was. Romantic was a big thing for me too, but never "bad boy." I was the "exotic foreign girl" and the "brainy chick," so older guys were really into me.

    After that (roughly 35-pres), I still want the guy who is easy in his own skin, but I know myself now and don't need a guy to pull me out of my shy shell. I just want a mature guy who will be supportive but give me space to do things on my own; fun to be around; a guy who can be active but also spend quiet times. Romantic. Fit. (It's amazing how guys my age take such good care of themselves to be with younger women, haha. Enjoying the eye candy.) Way younger guys are into me, but I still prefer guys my age or a little older (six years older max; two years younger, max).

    Being with a younger guy is interesting because the guy feels like he's really giving you something intense, but in many cases it's what I would have been caught off guard with when I was in my 20s. Being with SOME of the older guys is less intriguing because they've been through that "slam her against the wall" phase a million times and are looking for something new. They can be "all over the place" in terms of what they're looking for. Enough said.

    • Thanks for the response. I'm not sure what you mean by " they've been through that "slam her against the wall" phase a million times...". Can you elaborate on this because I am confused with what you're saying.


    • I'll see if I can fit it all in the little GAG window:

      Guys like routines -- you probably have one. Wake up, roll out a particular side of the bed. BLeary-eyed to the bathroom. Pick the toothbrush up with the same hand daily and brush in the same direction. Take your coffee the same way/at the same time... Same goes for sex. There are things you think are going to blow the girl's mind, right? There's a guy I know who thinks it's SO HOT to slam a girl against a wall and start making out. While

    • While that IS hot, in theory, his delivery is only MEH. If he's younger than the girl, there are other WOW factors, but as he gets older, he realizes he's in a rut with his job, his habits, his women... and suddenly POP, he buys his first motorcycle and a bomber jacket and thinks he's one of the guys from Top Gun, in his prime and ready to get the best pups in the litter. The girls are young, he picks up a few new moves on Youtube, has a better job than he did in his 20s... NEW is the thing...

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  • when I hit my 30ies I begin to appreciate a guy more for his self confidence and stability -- emotionally (he should have gone enough to learn important lessons in life) and financially (steady flow of income with prospect to grow, like myself). I'd be happy to date a guy around my age, up to several years older, or a few years younger.


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  • Same thing any woman looks for. A jaw line, a BMW and a big wallet. That isn't just in NY, LA or Chicago.

  • Stability, looks.

    Their age or older.

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