If a guy get nervous and sometimes act weird when she is looking at him?

That means that he likes her? OR he is just annoyed by her?


We study in a big, crowded room. He is always around, and likes to look and watch me. It seems like he tabs where I am.

But when I get close, he's weird and tries to avoid me. :(


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  • I don't think he's annoyed by you. I think he may have a crush on you, that's exactly what I do when my crush stares at me, I look at her as much as I can but when she looks at me or gets close I get nervous and don't talk to her and act like I'm not interested.

    • Why do you act this way?

    • It's because I get nervous, I guess I may be afraid of making a bad impression by saying something weird/stupid, I don't really know why. It only happens when I have a crush on someone I'm normal around other women.

  • I love how simplistic you make it sound - he is either happy or he is angry.

    • i'm aware that people aren't that simple, its just that when I write too much here, it gets boring for you guys to read :(

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