Girls is it usually a good thing when a girl say you look different with a beanie or hat on?

Just as the question is stated is it usually a good or bad thing?


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  • I personally love it when guys wear beanies..So do a lot of girls so yeah it it can be considered a good thing :)

    • But, why do girls love the fact when guys wear beanies. What so attractable about it. Is it cute and what or how it makes it cute?

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    • how come all guys wear it like that halfway. I usually put it down to my forehead and cover my ears. Is that attractive? Thanks you been such a great help anonymous

    • Yeah that's cute :) and You're quite welcome :)

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  • Not necessarily. It could be good or bad or neither, just that you look different that's all.

  • Either or. "Different" can be good or bad.


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