What fashion style do you not like on the opposite gender?

What is up with girls who wear uggs with sweatpants?

I saw like 5 girls on the subway yesterday wearing it.


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  • : Don't like it when their pants are up to their ankles (even though they wear belts)

    : Very tight skinny jeans (No... just no.)

    : Guys that wear uggs ( I mean they're ugly in general)

    :when they wear a lot of Bling ( sometimes it just looks trashy, like they want to show off all their fortune)

    :Cowboy style(unless its Halloween)

    : when they wear eye liner ( why would you need it?)

    :when their hair has too much gel or mousse

    :Grills (gross)

    :ear lobe plugs(I don't know their actual name...still, not attractive)

    : Overall very tight clothing

    • you're a picky one...but srsly I'd probably make fun of most of those guys too except gell cause sometimes I'll put a sh*tton on if I wanna style my hair into blowout

    • Picky but within reason :)

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  • Ughhh Uggs are so ugly and disgusting.

    I don't like guys pants who sag or who's clothes don't fit in general. I'm not a big fan when all a guy wears is tshirts- mix it up with a button down or polo or something.

  • I like pants that cover their butt and shirts than actually fit them!

  • I don't like the "thug" style, "cowboy" style, or the "super preppy" style.

    • Yeah, I don't get the "thug" style. I see a lot of guys (and even some girls) wearing their pants below the waist and it just looks ridiculous. I guess they be swaggin' haha.

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    • So basically you just like naked people. =P

    • I only like the birthday suit on SOME :-P

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