How should you flatter someone if you want to make them laugh?

Should you be sincere, down-to-earth, and comment only on what they have said or done that is really outstanding, or should you be more superficial and comment on their looks or dress?

'It was so sensitive of you to see how I was feeling..can you show me that trick again?'

"Your hair looks so finger-winding today.."

Please RATE the question!


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  • You said I ask interesting questions and that makes me laugh.I don't know why.But you said I am not polite for laughing? ?

    I threw 5 stars for this question.


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  • "finger winding"? that would make me laugh because its a bit weird sounding!

    Your hair looks gorgeous today is probably more fitting!

    Just say what you really feel, and try to be yourself. In time when someone gets to know you they will realize if you were being a bit fake to who you truly are.

    Compliments are always good. But don't go over the top. Looking in to their eyes and saying you think there eyes are so beautiful can really flatter a girl. And its nice to notice when she makes an effort with her clothes hair make up ect.

    If she says something you think is funny just laugh naturaly. Don't try to hard to be or feel something you are not. Its quite obvious.

    Just enjoy, relax and have fun.

  • I use self depreciation humor and positive attitude. I found sincere compliment and where did you get ___ , it looks great on you.

  • I think as long as it's personalized to me and our conversation/situation, I'm happy with it.

    The generic terms like "You're pretty" or "You're funny" don't feel as personal usually.

    Keep it personal and specific and you're golden. Both examples in your question are just that :-)


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