Is he trying to tell me something or he doesn't think I'm that pretty

My boyfriend told me when he see a cute girl he tells his slef she's pretty she's cute but he never really talk about my looks he would talk about my body more but other guys tell me I'm pretty and I never really seen him look at other girls when we go out but one time but I told him when I see a cute guy I don't think nothing in my head or when I see a cute guy because I'm in a relationship and I just see him as a guy other boys don't matter and he said everybody do that when they see a good looking person


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  • youre reading too much into things, he's not trying to tell you anything. my boyfriend doesn't say ANYTHING nice to me, as stupid as that sounds, because he only says it to other people.. like he tells his FRIENDS how much he loves me, and how pretty he thinks I am, but he never says it to my face. Which is weird. But anyways, that's how everyone is though. When I see someone attractive, I will say so, and I will recognize it. Doesnt mean that I'm doing to DO ANYTHING about it.. but if theyre attractive, then they are, and its never a crime to think so.

    • i have another question how would I know if he's talking to someone elese on the phone I just feel like he's cheating sometimes and sometimes I think it just me thinking silly but I'm trying not to do the other thing like going on line looking at the numbers that call in text him

    • I'm not sure you can really figure that out.. like personally, if you don't think you trust him, I'm not sure this is a good relationship to be in. Some people will say that if he's cheating he'll be really private with his phone and blah blah blah, but that's not true all the time because some people just don't like giving up their privacy anyways.