Why won't girls look at him?

i have this guy in my class he's a really sweet guy and he has a amazing personality he's funny and he can always bring a smile to anyones face when they are having a bad day he is up beat I have never seen him be mean not even rude not going to lie I liked him at one time but I'm not his type so girls really feedback please


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  • You said all these nice things about him, but I noticed you never mentioned his looks. That's your answer right there.

    • well in my opinoin I think he's f***ing sexi he's tall not fat actually he's in shape he's a great guy

    • haha well you should have said that too. :P

      I am guessing his kindness is mistaken for submissiveness. Meanness is seen as dominance and therefore attractive to more young women.

    • What he said.

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  • most girls under 30ish don't look at nice guys as Boyfriend material. maybe friends but nothing more.

  • Boy bees ugly.


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