Why is he being this way? Confused.

Me and this guy caught eyes awhile back and he looked at me the first time and scrunched his eyebrows together. I noticed he has been looking at me and walking by me a lot. When I catch him looking I look away before he does or he looks away before I do. When his class lets out early he walks by mine and looks sideways inside my class. He has done that a couple of times. Some girl in my class said when she got to the hallway he didn't really pay any attention to her but when I got there he looked more than usual.

I got the courage to smile at him Monday when I caught him looking at me and he smiled back. Well today I got there early and he wasn't looking or at least not when I would look at him. I did see him look up but there was a group of people between us and I couldn't really tell if he was looking at me or them. He ends up walking by me but I didn't realize until he passed back but when I looked up at him he stayed looking down at his phone.

Why didn't he look at me today, but I noticed him looking in my class again while walking down the hall?

Is he nervous or he isn't into me as I thought?


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  • I'm confused by that as well... Just ask him to hang out! See what happens then.

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