Girls: can you tell if a girl likes you by just looking at them?

Is there a physical change just by looking at them and can tell if there interested in me?


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  • There's no surefire way to tell because girls have different temperaments.

    Some are fearlessly outgoing and will make it obvious they like you by chatting with you, smiling, laughing, and making eye contact. They will also gravitate towards you because you make them comfortable. This type of girl is simply amazing but not for guys who get jealous easily.

    Then there are traditional girls that are accustomed to being approached and having the guy do all the initiating. They aren't shy or anything. They just expect the right man to come along and take charge. The only way to tell if this girl likes you is if you talk to her, ask her out, and listen to her response. There's no obvious clues she will give you.

    Finally there's the shy introvert who won't reach out because she's afraid of getting hurt. She won't initiate conversation and she will hardly ever make eye contact. If you're looking for a positive sign, you won't get one. Ever. But there is one tell and only the bold can exploit it. If the shy girl is OBVIOUSLY ignoring you and CLEARLY fails to acknowledge your passes, she's afraid of you, therefore she may like you. Shy girls can talk to people they have no romantic interest in. So if you're stone walled, there's a reason for it.

    • Well I had a cross between fearlessly outgoing girl and traditional girl who liked me but didn't chat to me or approach me. She has lots of guy friends but wanted me to approach her so she was still traditional in that regard.

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  • In some cases.

    Some people give mixed signals and its hard to tell.

    Sometimes its best to ignore how a girl looks at you, and go straight

    for the goal by asking her out (and see how she responds).

  • Peoples pupils dilate when they see someone they are attracted to. That goes for guys and girls and it's not something we can control like so many other actions that can be hidden or faked.

  • No. People go on and on about body language but none of it is TRULY reliable and fail-proof. Some of the things people mention could be anxious habits that have nothing to do with whether the person likes you or not. Some things could just be friendliness.

    • I also feel like girls who say stuff like, "OH YES OF COURSE, you can tell if I like you because I blink __ times a second" are just fantasizing about the idea of a guy magically guessing that she likes him without her having to actually say so. It's just not how the real world works.

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    • every girl that has liked me has done the following:

      eye contact

      smiled at me

      played with hair

      some have licked their lips/bite lips

      Girls who haven't like me:

      avoid eye contact (unless they are shy)

      don't smile

      don't bite lip

    • It's really helpful to know how stubborn you are and how skilled you are at avoiding my points.

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  • Yes of course :P

  • I'm not a girl but if a girl likes you look for signals such as smiling, eye contact, flicking her hair, biting her lip, looking away after eye contact and blushing if she's shy, etc.