Good Looking, Well Groomed but Nervous?

Is it possible for a very good looking guy (the kind that's good looking enough to be a model) around the age of 30+ to feel shy around the woman he likes? He's good in grooming himself though, smells nice all the time, looking groomed all the time. For me it shows that he's confident with his body and looks. But what makes him nervous around a woman?


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  • Maybe he compensates for being shy and nervous by paying extra attention to his clothes, and grooming. I was that way in my teens, and it's not unusual at later times.

    He's nervous because he's not experienced, and maybe had some traumatic experiences when very young that make him frightened of his own emotions, afraid he'll be criticized if he does anything 'wrong.'

    • yeah now that you mentioned it, I always wonder why such a fine looking man, successful in his career at the age of <35 are still unmarried. I can't help but think he was a gay, but once he sit in front of me with opening extra button on his shirt, revealing his chest (there's lot of other places for god sake!) and was staring me deep every time we conversed, parted lips (not to mention he stuttered) so I kinda get the feeling he loves women actually. But why he's still single? It's a mystery...

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    • well he seems pretty happy go lucky looking to be disturbed by such a trauma... but then again, it's difficult to determine how people really are... but he only seems nervous around me (of course when we are alone) he seems pretty confident giving speech and stuff like that. He seems pretty normal everywhere, except when he's with me alone. :(

    • A lot ofpeople have one confident public persona, when they give speeches and so forth, but aren't good one-on-one especially with romance.!

  • intelligence/precociousness . . . & overthinking. loosen him up. be the confident/at-ease one until 'he feels it too'...

    then you can totally go down on him --- JK ;P hope it works out Annie ;)

    • i lol'd at your last sentence! :D

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    • if you mean well (wanting to be with him) it's hard (but not impossible) to do that wrong. be brave & be the 'visceral one' - physically play, dance, & be innocent/un-overthinky. good luck =P

    • get back to us - curious about all these beginning threads of relationships on this site =D

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