Prom dress/Body type question

So I'm looking at prom dresses and I have a few that I really like. But, I have to order them and I don't know how they will look on me. So my question is what type of dresses will look good on my body type. I don't know what you would call it but I'm a bigger girl but not necessarily plus size. It's more so my boobs and butt that throw me over into that plus size category ( sorry to be blunt lol ) and my shoulders are kinda broad.


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  • Wow, you're buying a dress already? My prom was May 5th last year and I didn't get a dress until April!

    What are your body measurements? What body shape are you exactly? You can shop by body shape here: link and find a cheaper alternative elsewhere.

    You can get your dresses tailored (you will probably need to) to fit your shape. For instance my measurements last year were 36-26-38 so back then I got a size 8 dress and just took in the waist 2 inches. You may need to do that also. To get my dress tailored costed $15 and took 2 days.


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  • prom is reserved for long dresses

    homecoming is reserved for short dresses


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  • Try to get some kind of pretty sleeves, and something that shows off your thin (I guess?) waist.

    You can show off a little of breast and try to get a skirt that will grow bigger (princess like) for the bottom. Get a light/pastel/bright color that will make your pretty color skin pop.

  • Personally I would never order any clothes that I could not try on first.

    You live in Florida, why can't you go to a store and try stuff on.

    There are just so many many styles and the only way to know for sure is to put them on.

    You are curvy. Stay classy, if you are top heavy in the cleavage area then get a dress that has just a little extra coverage up there so it's not all hanging out.

    If you have a large rear, then maybe get a dress that flares out rather than hugs your arse.

    I'm sure you will find something gorgeous. There are so many pretty dresses to fit all different shapes.

    If you have lots of curves, be proud of that but just be careful, if stuff is falling out and everything is too tight it doesn't look pretty anymore.