Hard lump in embarrassing place. Very worried, please help!!!!

Hey all :) so I'm going to start with a quick apology as this may be a little embarrassing and gross :/ so... SORRY haha

Well, I'm a 17 year old girl, who *touches wood* doesn't have many health issues. A few months ago, I noticed a small, hard lump just up inside me anus, about an inch in on the back wall. It's round in shape, about the size of a pea and is under the skin. Well, I presumed it was just a hemorrhoid and I intend on keeping an eye on it and visiting a doctor if it didn't go away. However, as the lump was painless and causing no problems at all, I totally forgot about it (stupid I know, don't judge me.) The other night, I discovered it for a second time and remembered about it. It is exactly the same size and it is still painless (apart from a little pressure when you press down but I'm guessing that pressing down on any part of your insides causes that sensation.) Curious about what it was, I decided to look online, BIG MISTAKE! I found out that quite a lot of people have experienced the same thing which was a little reassuring but I swear some people/sites are online just to scare people half to death. I'm going to get it checked out in the next few weeks, but my GP is almost impossible to get an appointment with unless you book a few weeks in advance... ye it sucks (that should be a rather awkward doctors visit :/) I'm just looking for any advise, reassurance, or stories. Has anyone had the same thing and what was it? Could my problem be a hemorrhoid as I first thought?

Thanks and sorry again for being a little gross!


Okay so I need even more advise (sorry to be a nag haha) but I have been keeping my eye on it for a few days and I just checked again now. There seems to be another two much smaller hard lumps again developing, one next to the one I already knew about and another a little further up. I'm freaking out. Does this sound like hemerroids? Do they multiply if untreated? Would it harm to try a hemerroid treatment? My dr app is in just under two weeks as they had nothing sooner. What would be the best?


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  • What you describe is almost surely benign.

    You should have it looked at by a doctor, but you can safely wait a few weeks if your GP has nothing sooner.

    • It does sounds like hemorrhoid, However, you should know that hemorrhoid are normal and do not need treatment unless their shape causes pain or discomfort.

      I wouldn't treat it before seeing a doctor, and you can safely wait two weeks till your doctor's appointment.

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    • Not unless I put pressure on it. Sometimes after going to the loo my bowel still feels a little full but that passes quick enough.

    • In that case I wouldn't do anything at this point. Just see the doctor when you can. There's no rush.

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  • link

    Does this match what you have? If so, sounds like piles. Annoying and sometimes painful, but not, or at least not that I heard of, life threatening.

    Keep monitoring it, and if it gets worse, try to push for a sooner appointment.

    Oh, you don't have anything the docs haven't seen before. They won't give your condition a second thought.


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  • did you do anal? go get a STI check asap

    • nope, never done anything like that!

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    • nope, I'm single and have been for ages. Never had unprotected sex either (why would anyone do that haha)

    • smart girl. Then you should be fine, go check it out though

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