How would you describe David Petraeus and Jill Kelley-Khawam?

Very likely this Jill Kelley is some sort of foreign agent, not just your average bimbo. This gets better and better!

She sure is luscious looking. I'm sure the teens here look at her like some grandma, but to us over 30's,...we can sympathize with these generals, a little!

Who says the news is boring?


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  • They're human.humans cheat sometimes.this happens at any career level. The managers at taco bell are doing the same thing :) I was a little surprised at his mistress choice,I would assume he'd be with a Megan fox stripper lookalike but then again Jill most likely isn't his only side piece. I don't think she's ugly, just plain but then again maybe it isn't all about looks.idk feel bad for his wife

    • Maybe because I'm over 30, I think Jill is beyond beautiful...A Mata Hari candidate. At his age, he wouldn't be looking at someone young enough to remind him of Megan Fox or a stripper!

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  • Lol you are funny. I think its there own business what they do with there personal life how ever despicable it may be. But its nice juicy gossip that got two cheats soon to be fired so I am happy. Wow its amazing how everyone jumps on the penis questions or the favorite color questions but ask them about current events and everyone is silent. Smh

    • I meant their not there

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    • Shazam, I know exactly how you feel. Good chance that will happen here, too.

      IN the meantime, can you rate the question? Thx Gemdam...gemdam?What does that come from?

    • gemglam. LOL I don't know I couldn't think of anything at the time.

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  • Obviously, Petraeus was thinking with the wrong head

    • What about all the other type military types apparently involved with this ring of bimbos?

      Please rate the question, thanks.

    • Please they all do it. They shouldn't beat the man up for trying to get his rocks off. Yes it is immoral and dishonest but this is the world we live in. I wouldn't want to be his wife but it is what it is.