What the hell, I'm confused.

Okay well,There's this guy, and he told his best friend and a lot of people that he liked me. And I like him, but he has to get to know me before he could date me. Well hhim and his sister were suppose to spend the night at my house, and my friend came over, we were all really drunk, so travis helped sam home.. he didn't come back so we called him a couple times, finally his sister was like lets just go get him.. so I said ojk, we snuck out my roof drunk out of our minds with no shoes to get him.! He didn't come, so we said f*** it and left.. the next day he came back with hickeys and shit.. so we both knew they slept together.. he wouldn't admit it to me.. but he kept looking at me and was like uhmm no never mind.. I was really mad that my friend lied to me.. and she is in love with his best friend, but they were really drunk.. but that isn't an excuse, is it? I don't know.. His sister said he said he liked me and to make him jealous.. so I started doing that.. It is working like the other day my friend angella was down and we hung out with him.. and me and her kept talkin bout this guy ima be hanging with alot.. And she texted me saying look at travis he's getting pissed and really jealous this is funny.. so we kept doing it.. but before I told him to forget everything about me liking him and him liking me and just stay good friends and pretend it never happened.. now he has been really distant from me.. and is hardly talking and when he does its just usually ok.. or ya.. and he won't walk beside me.. but he keeps looking at me.. did I hurt him by saying that shit to him.. but if I did isn't it fair cause he hurt me by sleeping with my best friend, and his best friends ex girl.. which are getting back together.. What should I do?


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  • Okay well yeah I think you reallly hurt him, I'm not blaming you..you were hurt as well..But giirl beng drunk should play a major factor in this, let him know how you felt before you let him distance himself even more. You can tell by his reaction that he really liked you, cus if he didn't he wouldn't give a flip flop and would just keep sleeping with whoever.

    peace, xoxo



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  • Well most guys are going to do what they get the chance to do. It is why guys cheat. We don't think about cheating, we are out, some sexy girl comes up and the other head starts thinking. If they were both drunk that would lower the thought process between damn she is fine, we are alone, but I like her friend so I can't go for this. A few drinks and its she's hot, willing and wet. Besides you were not going steady right? I think this kind of thing happens all the time, with girls too. In the right situation the desires take control of the mind.

    If you like him, just go out with him.

  • look you are obviously playing games, and you should be realizing that playing games to this extreme NEVER works...come on, the game is fake, but they make the feelings real, so when you hurt someone, you hurt them. I want a girl won't hide behind her jealousy and childish behaviors...What should you do...learn to be yourself and not be entertained by hurting some one else JUST because they hurt you.

    • I'm not trying to hurt him, and I'm not jealous by him at all, I mean it/s his life..And I do act myself around him, And I wasnt tryin to make him actually jealous, I just wanted him to feel how I felt after he did that. I mean and it';s not a game, I'm totally really around him, never have been fake or played a game with him. He means the world and everything I got to me. And I know the feelings are real, I just want him to feel how I do? what's wrong with that?

  • Making a guy jealous is the stupidest thing you can do. Yes, you probably hurt him. He hurt you. How about you find a guy that won't sleep with your really drunk friends and that you can like that will like you.

    Sever all ties and find some more mature people to hang out with.

    • I am not really tryin to make him jealous, I just want him to feel how I felt, he measn the world to me.. so is it that bad?. He can do it to me, but I can't even do anything just sit back and get my heart broke and hurt?

    • "he means the world to me" ... "he had sex with my friend".

      I think you need to find a new guy that "means the world to you", a guy that won't "have sex with your friend".

      And yes, you are trying to make him jealous, you explicitely stated you were. No, he can't do it to you. You shouldn't take it. Meet a better guy.

    • No I know... she wasnt just my friend, she was my best friend.. I can't let him go I'm not ready to. But thanks for the advice, Ill try and let him go.

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