Why would a guy who is statistically a bit taller than average, hate his height?

Is it because he is constantly being told girls want tall men (even short ones?) or just something that has been implanted in his head over and over again? He never had any problems with it before, in fact he really never even thought about this issue until it was brought to his attention

The world wide average for a mans height is just under 5'9 give or take depending on which study you use. How could it be possible that a guy who is around 5'10 and a 1/2 start to believe he is to short and hate his height?


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  • Ah a question addressed specifically to my problems. I am 5'11" and most girls I seem to meet still consider that too short. I have a few female friends and they ALL are hunting for a guy who is over 6' maybe even 6'3" or they won't talk to him. My roommate is 6' 4" and girls that are all over him complain how hard it is to find a guy that is average height, lol. These girls are usually 5'6" to 5'9".

    So there ya go. 5'11" isn't enough for most girls. So guys are self-conscious about it.


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  • Wait are we talking about you?

    Who is this guy?

    Well, 5 foot 10 inches is really not very tall.

    We like em a little taller than that.

  • People who are completely obsessed with their flaws usually have a self-esteem problem that is worse than their flaws. Blaming it on other people doesn't really fix anything, either.

    So, yeah, you might feel better thinking that girls are evil bitches who will only date guys who are 6'0+, but it's simply not true. Does height matter to some girls? Yes. As much as guys in online forums say. Not to most girls.

    How can I guy start to hate his height? Low self esteem and repeated self talk that he's not good enough. Those thoughts will latch on to anything and then filter every peception to fit the negative belief about themselves. It's the kind of thing that makes a person who gets straight A's think that one B means they are idiots with no future, for example.

    I say this because I had trouble with the same sh*t, because I have slightly longer nose than the gorgeous petite noses that I thought all guys strongly preferred. Is it awesome to have a perfect nose? I'm sure it is. Does it mean your life is ultimately better. Not really.

    Your life and even your love life boil down to so many variables. Fixating on one of them only makes you bitter and self-loathing.

    • Ya but it is not self-doubt that gets guys down about their height, it is rejection from girls over height. I have yet to meet a girl that didn't truly care about height. Guys know women care about height because we are the ones hitting on you all. Your girlfriends may tell you height isn't a factor, but if you were a guy hitting on one of them trust me girl, that would change quick. Your last point is pretty good.

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    • Ya. In my case I hang out with guys who are all over 6'4" so I am constantly overshadowed and talking to their girlfriends who say they don't talk to guys under 6'. I actually hear them say it so it is pretty hard for me to be "well that probably isn't most women".

    • Women who exclusively want to date really tall guys are either going to be with tall guys or single ;) If you talk to girls who are dating guys who are 5'10, they might tell you that 5'10 is the perfect height. Girl also tend to be more attracted to the traits that the guy they are with displays. Like, after dating a brown eyed guy, I thought I was more attracted to brown eyed guys than light eyed guys. Now that I'm dating a light eyed guy, I'm not as attracted to brown eyed guys. Etc.

  • im 5.1 I would look terrible if I went out with a guy that tall, I prefer short guys, even 5.10 is border line pushing it for us midget girls lol, don't feel short least your not 5.1

  • Because they hear 5'0 girls saying they won't date guys shorter than 6 or even 6'3 and they take those statements way too seriously. Also, in my country the average guy is 5'11- 6'1 (depending on the study) and it doesn't mean much to guys that men tend to be shorter elsewhere. But I haven't really noticed any 5'9 guys being dateless because of their height. I don't think it's as important in the real life as it seems when you read sites like these.


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  • oh no 5'10 is the new short guess that makes me a hobbit! Outta the way Frodo there's a new hobbit in Hobbiton!

    In all seriousness though people have insecurities about all sorts of things that don't really make sense or really matter. Just look at some of the questions on here. Your friend needs an improvement on his self esteem.