I've become more and more reserved over the years, and those once close to me have noticed.

I use to visit and keep in touch with friends and family on a regular basis. But over the years, I've gotten to enjoy solitude. I stopped visiting and calling people. It didn't bother me to stop contacting them. But recently I attended a family reunion. It's been about 5 years since I've seen them, but from their looks, it seems like some were put off with me, with looks of disappointment.

Should someone be upset if another chooses to be more reserved and distant? How should I respond to such people?


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  • A change in your personality shouldn't upset other people unless It's something that negatively affects them. Maybe they just miss hanging out with you or they miss the old you. They might have misunderstood the reason behind your change. Solitude is fun, It gives you an opportunity to ponder and discover things about yourself. You should try and talk to them. Explain the reason behind the change and get them to see your side.

    • Thanks. Since I'm reserved, I don't plan on bringing it up first. But if I need to, do you have any suggestions on how I might go about it? If the situation lends itself, I was thinking of making a joke about it. For instance, when there's dead silence, I might jokingly say, "So, have you ever noticed that I became more reserved?" What do you think?

    • If you don't want to bring it up first, then wait for them to ask you. Don't put it in a joke otherwise they won't take your explanation seriously.

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