How to reference this website "harvard style" in text and at the end?

I am not sure how I would reference this as there is not even an author. link

Could you give me an example both for in text and at the end since I do not know the author

also best answer to ones who tell me how to reference other academic website ones.


Also how to reference from this link

and here


really much appreciated in advance!


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  • I would use Pat McFadden and Dan Norris as the authors since it seems to come from them...

    I've always found this link to be very helpful when making references.

    • You sure? like I'm not sure since its a government .gov website and the address has "defra" in it which stands for Dan Norris Business and what the article is titled under and Pat McFadden has a different organization completely then Dan called BIC that the website isn't addre

    • also that website is for APA and MLA referencing styles, we are required to reference only under harvard style. plus I don't know how to reference government websites to begin to fill it in

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