Tattoos on guys and girls

I've seen girls with tattoos and they always look cool and sexy.

But some guys tattoos are like dull and weird sometimes scary as hell.

What are the best places on the body that guys and girls can have tattoos on? and what are the best designs?


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  • The best design is something that means something to you, and something that your not going to regret in the years to come, and the placement is up to you like I personally have one on the inside of each wrist, on the back of my neck, on my ankle, and on my left shoulder blade. the one on my left wrist is a symbol meaning, eternal love, and life, my right wrist is three stars one for my mom, me and my sister, my neck is a hibiscus flower, my shoulder blade is a rosary and my moms name, and my ankle is a kanjii for luck...for what I have I think are perfect placement, and perfect designs because they mean something to me

    • All your tattoos sound great! Can I ask did the ones on your shoulder blade,wrist and ankle hurt a lot?

    • Not really angel1990, the one on the back of my neck probably hurt the most, because it's the most detailed, and that's a really sensitive part of your body

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  • a star on the lower arm or side of neck, if it's a larger symmetrical tattoo - under the back of your neck especially if you're muscular, or writing across the lower back or stomach is also cool. and, NO nightmare before xmas. one of the worst I saw was a Jesus one with a pointy beard where just the beard stuck out from under short sleeves. I knew what I wanted and where I wanted it a whole year before I got mine. make sure you ask for a particular shade (light, dark, etc.) not just by color and bring in a drawing or art.

  • Yeh the guys I know all have tribal tattoos which are weird compared to cute girlys ones haha but I think they look sexy on guys-the top of their arms and on the side of their calfs. Girls look best with them on their feet,round the ankles, shoulder blade, hip bone, wrist, lower back, behind the ear and the best designs for girls are stars,heart,angels/fairies,shooting stars,flowers. Well that's just my opinion anyway-i'm getting a tattoo soon so I've been looking at loads everywhere and those types of designs are the cutest I've seen. And yeh I think it's good to have tattoos which mean something just so you won't regret choosing a random design.


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