What determines how you get to look?

Is it genes, and if so, how? Because my dad has rather large ears, while my mom has smaller with a slightly bigger ear lobe, while I have medium-small ears with almost no lobe. Just an example, but I'm just curious. Why do I have my moms long legs, when my dads are short? Is this part of your genes' divine plan in constructing a human being? Or is it just random? Or how?

Any1 know about this?


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  • You get your genes from grandparents as well. My mom has blond straight hair, my dad is bald now. I have brown curly hair naturally and apparently I have it from my grandmother. Some things just skip a generation.


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  • How much your drunken mother drops you as a baby? :P (There's a reason I insist on having long hair xD)