Almost every man I've known has insulted my appearance.

Even guys that say they are my friends or continue to contact me have insulted me. IF they don't like the way I look why do they want my attention?

Both my brother and father have insulted the way I look.

Is this normal?


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  • What could have come of as a insult gtowards you could also be plainly just advice for you to follow. Could it be that they see you in a better perception instead of you blindly refusing to acknowledge any flaws. Now I ain't judging you. But den that's jus a frank opinion

    • It wasn't advice. If it was advice, then I would have used the word advice. It wasn't even criticism. It was insult meant to be an insult. Plain as day. Clear as Water.

      Advice has content. An insult is meant to be hurtful without any real content.

    • In that case.. Plainly its something about you that they detest or puts them off or just that perhaps insulting dem feeds their ego and gives dem a rudeness boost

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  • Are you being sensitive? What exactly do they say? How do you dress? Are you a mess/slutty/plain looking? Brother and dad always say crap, it is normal in my family.