Why won't he talk to me?

Ive been working with this group in my class all semester. Well one of the guys there just won't talk to me. The other guy who I used to talk more to, isn't in the class anymore. so now its him and I by ourselves, but we joined another group.

So I've worked with this guy for a long time. the thing is, he barely talks to me. he gets really close to me when he's standing next to me and he always checks his answers with mine because we're both pretty smart in that class. well, I've noticed he's more quiet around me now. When I go get materials, I see him laughing with the other group members and when I'm back, he goes quiet. he will talk to then but he's quiet most of the time. Sometimes he just puts his head down in class. He has just been really silent the last few Weeks. And I sit next to him, but he keeps looking at me. I'm not sure why, if I'm right next to him but idk.

Well I don't know why this guy has been acting so quiet lately. I'm extremely quiet and never really talk because I'm really shy, but I doubt my behavior rubs off on others.

Plus, he makes me nervous. Last time, they left us alone and it was.just awkward. He kept looking at me and looking down. I was just pretending to.read stuff.

so any idea why he's so silent? I would think that with time, we would've been quite chatty with each other like everyone else, but its the opposite. by the way, he's not rude to me. he's really nice to me. he's just really quiet now.


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  • ive been using this story alot.

    I really liked a girll. I'm somewhat shy and somewhat outgoing (dunno if that makes sense)

    i sat beside a girl who I really liked. First few weeks, I rarely talked to her.. I would check answers and try to talk to her but I couldnt...

    (in case your wondering, eventually we got along great and everything was wonderful between us until I got rejected, she hates me now, and I can't stop thinking abouther)

    anyways, he might just be shy?

    • But why would she hate you? Just because she wasn't interested? That's not nice :(

      Well I thought that at first but he seems like a friendly guy. He's not outgoing but he seems confident when he interacts with other people. He talks to my group members when I'm not around

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    • Oh I see. I know how you feel. Same exact thing happened to me in high school. I was becoming friends with this guy I liked and when he found out I liked him, he started avoiding me. I would even try to say hi once in a while and he'd just blow me off. it felt terrible. :(

      oh OK. Then he's probably just shy. Damn. id like to talk to him but I'm shy too. I know we work together in class but I never know what to say.

    • just go up and say hey :P

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