Ladies what makes a guy look creepy or ugly looking?

Does it have anything to do with tired or dopey looking eye...lmao?


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  • His attitude, the way he talks, his behavior and the way he treats others be it his friends or strangers .

    Angry face gives the vibe that this guy is scary.

    Sick eyes gives the vibe that this guy probably has an infective disease or an std or something not that cool.

    LOL sorry for my exaggerated guessing.


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    -The vibe you feel from the person

    -Their face looks a bit abnormal (they look like they might be very bizarre or not all there in the head).

    Creepy looking can be followed through by action.

    -A guy standing there staring at you with no facial expressions.

    A guy who is ugly is just someone who is unattractive or isn't your type.


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