So..what's up with this guy?

I'm working on a group project, and there is this guy who is part of my group. He always seems so serious and deep in thought. But lately, he's been smiling at me a lot. A LOT.

1. Last week, we had a group presentation. After he finished presenting, he came and stood next to me..a bit too close to me. I was trying to concentrate on the presenter, but I could feel this guy turning and looking at me. So I looked at him, and turns out he was actually looking at me; he then smiled, and then looked away. It was quite a random thing to do in between a serious presentation in front of so many people.

2. Today, this guy was sitting across me in class. This was again while another group was presenting. He suddenly turned around and started to stare at me. I felt someone stare, so I looked at him, and he continued to stare - blank expression. So I smiled at him, and then he smiled back, and I looked away. He continued to stare for a few seconds more and then looked away. When he looked away, he was smiling to himself.

So..what's up with this guy? Is he just trying to be nice or is he flirting? He's definitely not the shy type. And I think he has a girlfriend.


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  • This could be flirting, but it could also be him proving to himself that you like him, so let him make all the advances, kep being you, but don't admit to him that you like him until he makes it obvious to you or verbally admits top you his feelings for you,x


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  • Weird. but flirting.

    Confidence can be the other side of the shy coin, but it's still the same coin. Both have a similar root: self-absorption.

    Often, when a guy is interested in a girl, he gets shy around her. Heart flutters, hands sweaty, ...

    If he has a girlfriend, be careful. If he does this to you while still with her, he'll do the same to you in time.

  • I think he's having fun flirting with you.


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